…. When we repent of our sin, when God's purpose is fulfilled, when we enter heaven. Christian service is imperfect; our character is blemished, and our work is faulty; but it is sincere; it is rooted in faith; it is animated by love; it is purified by prayer. 2. "It doth not yet appear what we shall be." And yet it is significantly told us that means were used to ensure his recovery, "Now Isaiah had said, Let them take a cake of figs, and lay it for a plaister upon the boil, and he shall recover." It bids us trust it utterly and forever.—S.C. Clemency, with us, is left to the supreme authority behind the judge; and only comes in after the judge has given his judgment according to standard. Divine patience. A THANKFUL SURVEY OF THE FATHERLY MERCIES OF GOD. Now—. Repeated in Psalms 103:2; also at the end of the psalm; and again in Psalms 104:1, Psalms 104:35. He wants to remember and count his blessings. disabilities his best agencies for reaching their souls with saving influences. Deliverance from threatened death. (Psalm 103:1-5) This sermon was delivered on Thanksgiving Week (November 2010) at God of Grace Christian Fellowship, Inc., Escario St., Cebu City. Psalms 148:2). God had satisfied his prime (marginal reading, Revised Version) with good things—had so visited and renewed him in his manhood, that now, instead of a growing feebleness, he felt the vigour and hopefulness of youth; perhaps he was far enough on the way to be said to be "still bringing forth fruit in old age." This tender and considerate representation of God is full of comfort to us. We are to have confidence in the Divine energy and activity. III. Verse 1 Psalm 103:1-22. "Commit thy way unto the Lord, and he will bring it to pass." "Forget not," etc. A father's pity is helpful. tender mercies — compassions (compare Psalm 25:6; Psalm 40:11). EXPLAINS ITS SECRET. "The eyes of all wait upon thee, and thou givest them their meat in due season." He does not measure the race in its savage condition with the standard for the race civilized. THE ONLY HOPE OF THE DISLOYAL. my soul — myself (Psalm 3:3; Psalm 25:1), with allusion to the act, as one of intelligence. Among the greatest blessings which we receive of God is recovery from sickness. He tells wherefore we should bless the Lord. Bless the Lord, O my soul. TO ENSURE ITS BEING SPREAD ABROAD. Christian joy is very closely linked with bodily health, and Christian gloom with bodily disease. he cometh up in full vigour, glorious to look upon, rejoicing in his youth and strength, but within a little time he fadeth, falleth away, or is "cut down, dried up, and withered." But the renewal told of in the text is spiritual. (Psalms 103:1, Psalms 103:2.) The brain is the central machine, to which are attached the separate machines of the senses. Literally, “righteousness and judgments,” denoting various acts of God‘s government. And this is a real possibility and a terrible peril. (Psalms 103:13.) For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; literally, it is not. "Therefore humble yourselves," etc.—S.C. The Pulpit Commentary. The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. But, however that may be, it is certainly true that God is the Healer of all men's diseases. Life and immortality were brought to light by the gospel. In every sin committed by the individual the element of heredity has to be taken into account. But the rendering of עדי by "mouth" is very doubtful. They only healed when the healing could make a way for the gospel, draw attention to it, or prove its Divine origin. Introduction Thanksgiving is certainly a good time of the year to remember all our blessings from God. There we get the idea most of all realized. And we are but children in the germ and infancy of our being. 2. Through this "everlasting mercy" of God, man, though so feeble and fragile, does not wholly pass away, but continues to be the recipient of God's bounty. It is an emphatic calling upon his soul, that is, himself, never to forget the many favors which God was continually conferring upon him. He need not: 1. These are they that, in an especial sense, do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word. 4. Our Lord's dealing with it is unique, not so much because it was supernatural, as because it was moral. They who walk with God, abide in Christ, know what it is. Every father and mother do, but not, if they be wise, in anger, in revenge, or in passion, or carelessly, but ever out of love, for the sake of the child. This is the first and greatest of "benefits," and is therefore placed first, as that for which we ought, above all else, to bless God. Tags: gratitude, praise, psalm 103, psalms … God is "slow to anger." A neighbour's pity or a friend's is not always helpful; they are either unwilling or unable to relieve and help us. It is praise of the Lord. He did heal the father of Publius. The "Song of the Three Children" is a natural outburst from devout hearts. But precisely the test under which each one of us is placed is this—Can you live a godly life in that body of yours, and under those precise body conditions of yours? God feels pity for us: 1. NEVERTHELESS, SUGGESTIONS OF IT ARE TO BE FOUND. It shows us how we should praise the Lord. Wherefore another gospel when we have this? So indeed did Jacob, but there is a fuller reference to his ending. Intellect, memory, imagination, affection, will, all the energies of our spiritual nature, should be engaged. Style of Psalm: Psalm 103 is a song of wonderful praise and thanksgiving to God for who He is and See how he calls on himself, stirs himself up to this holy work, repeats his exhortation and protests against that one chief cause—forgetfulness—of our failure to render praise. And the historical fact is that the power of healing passed away with the first generation of disciples. II. It was necessary that Christ should come and command his disciples to "go into all the world, and preach," etc. This is fully treated under verse 14. how poor in the power of our will! This psalm is all praise; there is no supplication in it. Of Moses it is said that his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated. Old men have confidence in our judgment, grow civil as they see we are approaching to their side, and have arrived at an age when it should be no longer true that "knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." 3. God revealed himself, "his ways, and his acts," to Moses, but grace and truth have come by Jesus Christ (John 1:17). III. God will relent from his anger and forgive men, after a while. It is paralleled but not surpassed by St. John's word, "God is love." on StudyLight.org Illustrate by the oath of loyalty taken by the servants of a king; or by the pledge taken in marriage; or by covenants entered into by those who unite in a common undertaking. Evidently, these experiences of sickness were not then seen in their relation to character, and so there was no need to leave any narratives concerning them. I. How heartless, how cruel, how utterly unsympathizing, she is! In every age God has healed diseases through his own appointed healing agencies; and those we must use in faith.—R.T. The glorious attainment of the religious life is to get above bodyhinderings; to become master of our bodies in Christ; to "know how to possess the vessels of our bodies in sanctification and honour." It is never too late for them. Antecedently that seems impossible; certainly in the case of any one claiming to be devout. III. I. Whoever the author, we must regard the composition as less "the outbreathing of gratitude from one individual spirit" than "intended to be used as a national thanksgiving" (Kay). "Commentary on Psalms 103:4". Includes all that come between. Praise. First enter the service of Christ, and then look up for all the blessings assured to those who believe in him. "The Lord looketh from heaven, he beholdeth all the sons of men; from the place of his habitation he looketh upon all the inhabitants of the earth" (Psalms 33:13, Psalms 33:14). Its subject is rather this—What moral end can explain the Divine permission of sickness? The voluntary Divine forgetfulness is a sublime conception. Only one thing to limit his help—his help is to enable us to help ourselves. What truer gospel can there be that such a rule is that under which we live? A REMEMBRANCE OF THEM. Anointing sick people with oil was no religious ceremony in the days of the apostle. Psalms 36:5, "Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens, and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds"). For the assurance of this, appeal may be made to the experience of God's people in all ages. THE SAFEGUARD is, by continual meditation, prayer, and obedience to the Lord, to maintain the freshness, the force, and the "first love." The psalmist had been summoning angels and all the works of the Lord to bless the Lord, and, as if he remembered that he might be—. For similar contrast compare Psalm 90:2-6; Psalm 102:27, Psalm 102:28. righteousness — as usual (Psalm 7:17; Psalm 31:1). God‘s firm and universal dominion is a pledge that He will keep His promises (Psalm 11:4; Psalm 47:8). 2 Praise the LORD , O my soul, and forget not all his benefits- 3 who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, 4 … Bless the LORD, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His … I. One king was seriously reproved because, when he was ill, he "sought unto the physicians, and not unto God." Whole hearted. There are a number of reasons for that, including the THAT EVEN THIS WILL HAVE AN END. Choose a chapter and verse from 'Psalms' to begin your 'Verse-by-Verse' study of God's Word using the more than 100 commentaries available on StudyLight.org. I. Chapter 103 This psalm calls more for devotion than exposition; it is a most excellent psalm of praise, and of general use. II. It is to that covenant we are pledged; and that covenant we do well to keep in mind. If he did not pity, he would not punish. This is the peril. Those may not claim the fulfilment of promises to whom they were not made. 2. Ye ministers of his (comp. S.C. ITS REASON. If we may think of God's duty in what he provides, we may think of his personal love to us in what he bestows. 6. Hopefulness. What figures will best suggest the entireness of the removal of man's sin, when God, in his infinite goodness and mercy, deals with it and removes it? Pharisaism and Sadduceeism had so overlaid or lessened it, that only a few elect souls knew of it or believed it. "Shall not want any good thing;" "Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.". And his righteousness unto children's children. He does not make one absolute standard to apply equally to every branch of the race. 1. We sin through ignorance. God's gracious dealings with our sins depend on our right dealings with them. God help him and all such! Then the very tenderest and strongest as well as the purest emotions of the human heart are stirred. Let us commit ourselves to the goodness and the faithfulness of God, for on that we may build with absolute security. It will inflict pain. The comfort of God's Spirit, power to witness for Christ, victory over sin, hope bright hope of life eternal,—all these are his; his life is redeemed from destruction. Divine continuance. By God‘s provision, the saint retains a youthful vigor like the eagles (Psalm 92:14; compare Isaiah 40:31). The point made by the psalmist is that God's dealings with men are not measured with the same measure as man's dealings with his fellow men. III. The subject is suggested by its closing words. She enriches, or crowns, her provisions. Illustrate a speck in the brain, or weakness in the heart. The Jews, we well know, would never have allowed this. the fourth (Psalms 103:19-22) a glance at God's unchanging glory, and a call upon all his creation to bless and worship him. And the body is the great spoiler of the soul's vision. But when the world sees that there is no partiality with God, that his own children have to suffer even as, and often far more than, others when they do wrong, this tends to beget a holy fear. The force of the machine is the blood. Then there was held up—placarded, as St. Paul says (Galatians 3:1)—before the eyes of all men, what the pity and love of God could do and endure for the sake of sinful men. And therefore the supreme anxiety of the Exiles would concern "keeping this new, this restored covenant." For all that are oppressed. And the place thereof shall know it no more; rather, knows it no more. So he worked very largely for and among sick people, always trying to get their sicknesses sanctified to them, even in the very act of healing or removing them. I. PSALM 103 – PRAISE FOR THE LORD’S MERCIES Author: King David wrote this Psalm. There are no eastern or western poles. His are the "good things" by which they are sustained. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/jfb/psalms-103.html. Sickness is reckoned with under the Mosaic system, but in a very peculiar way. It is a truth which needs careful qualifications. Men may be very true and very kind, but they pass to where they cannot reach and help us. Psalms 63:5 - My soul is satisfied as with marrow and fatness, And my mouth offers praises with joyful lips. We are allied to the dust in one important part of our nature. Such is this renewed youth. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things. THE MEASURE OF DIVINE DEALINGS IS WHAT IS POSSIBLE TO THE INDIVIDUAL. To know God's will should be to obey. 1. It is an honour and reward which are given of God. So man, when he flourishes most, is for the most part brought low by the wind of suffering, trouble, sickness, calamity, and sinks out of sight. 1. 1. We fret over such things, until we remember that our God knows all. Psalm 103:1-3. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; We may think of God's ways with us as based on the experience of Jesus. There is no strength or stability in him. Copyright StatementThese files are a derivative of an electronic edition prepared from text scanned by Woodside Bible Fellowship.This expanded edition of the Jameison-Faussett-Brown Commentary is in the public domain and may be freely used and distributed. The pit—a name of Hades—the abode of the departed. GOD'S WAYS WITH US ARE TAKEN WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE CONNECTION BETWEEN OUR BODIES AND OUR RELIGION. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? God has made use of our happy familiarity with parental love and pity to teach us what he himself is. It is to be the soul's work. He never "continueth in one stay." It is not "vain repetition." We cannot be surprised that God, as Creator, should supply all the reasonable needs of his creatures; or that God, as Father, should supply all the wants of his children. 1. He will accept repentance and amendment (Ezekiel 18:27) He will accept atonement (1 John 2:2). 5. And forget not all his benefits - Any of his favors. Sometimes we cannot think—we must just be still. God never punishes men so much as they deserve to be punished; "in his wrath he" always "thinketh upon mercy.". 2. However, nothing in the psalm or anywhere else enables us to determine the precise occasion on which it was written." Law, the bond of society, cannot pity, it can only enforce its commands. What a happy fact this reveals as to the psalmist and all who sincerely adopt his words! The psalmist, I. Stirs up himself and his own soul to praise God (v. 1, v. That’s exactly what David is doing in Psalm 103. Genesis 2:7; Genesis 3:19; Genesis 19:27; Job 34:15, etc.). "All that is within us," the whole range of our faculties, is to combine to speak and to sing his praise. Such were some of the reasons wherefore God became man, and lived and suffered and died in the Person of Christ. THE MEASURE OF DIVINE DEALING IS WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR THE RACE. Our temptation and danger are to forget. Get the sick man up, dress him, anoint him, in the full confidence that God answers prayer. They who chide when in a passion always over chide; they try to satisfy their feeling—and it is unrestrained feeling—rather than the actual demands of the case. For youth of soul renewed. Either by making the chiding over severe or by keeping it on too long. There is a new covenant in Christ Jesus. "Like as a father," etc. For penalty in this life averted. Feed my sheep … Feed my sheep." 1. How, when, where, he will execute his judgments, we may not anticipate; it is enough for an oppressed soul to know that God is acting for him. Praise the LORD, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. 2. The forgiven man may have to suffer much in consequence of his past sins, but it is as nothing compared with what he would have had to suffer had he not been forgiven. If he believed, he would do what Christ told him, and find power come in so doing. Many of our sufferings are self-incurred—such as we might have avoided. Jeremiah (Jeremiah 50:20) has this declaration, "In those days, and in that time, saith the Lord, the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for, and there shall be none; and the sins of Judah, and they shall not be found." (See text.) Try to conceive the change, in life and relations, if God were now to draw back from us everything but our actual necessities. 1. The keen relish for all that is delightful is one of the blessed appanages of youth, and that which is like to it is part of the blessedness of that rejuvenescence of which we are speaking. And if God's omniscience is a reason for trust, how much more is Christ's human experience!—R.T. God had mercy on him, and restored him in the ordinary way. all his works — creatures of every sort, everywhere. All the loving kindnesses which make life beautiful and glad (Psalms 103:4). For all that appears in the record, neither the patriarchs nor their families suffered any sicknesses during their lives. For, next, God crowneth with loving kindness. He is not implacable. There is always, therefore, the danger that a man will transfer his own feeling to God, and persuade himself that, though God may forgive, he never really forgets. Doubtless there are others, but amongst them all that horrible one, so sadly dear to theologians of a bygone age, is not to be found—that it was to turn the heart of God from anger to love, for God was and eternally is Love—S.C. 2. Christian, sing this psalm more heartily, so that many poor lost ones, hearing its sweet evangel, may turn and with you bless the Lord.—S.C. At first it was otherwise; he had become a guide to these scenes because he so delighted in them. Isaiah 40:31). Our praise is to be the devout expression of our deep feeling; much more than a reverent attitude or an appropriate deliverance: "all that is within us" (Psalms 103:1) is to come forth in grateful utterance; our song is to express our soul; it is to be the natural, unbidden voice of our homage, our attention, our love, our submission, our consecration. (Psalms 103:15-17.) And we are to resist and conquer forgetfulness and ingratitude. There is absolute freedom given to every man and woman under the sun to tell out the trouble to the Lord. And this safeguard is sure.—S.C. 2. (Psalms 103:14.) "Commentary on Psalms 103:4". 2. Kimchi understands the phrase as expressing David's recovery from sickness. God does pronounce his own judgments; God does execute his own sentences. We are poor and insignificant compared with the spiritual and mighty angels. ways — of providence, etc., as usual (Psalm 25:4; Psalm 67:2). God's ways are "past finding out" by man (Romans 11:33); they must be "made known" to him. The reservoir gets lower, the constant drain is but inadequately repaired, and by and by our life has all run out. Psalm 103. To "bless" is more than to praise; it is to praise with affection and gratitude. And there we learn what pity is and will do. Plug in, Turn on and Be En light ened! That law is holy, just, and good, and clothed with power to enforce its sacred sanctions. Bless the Lord, O my soul - The repetition here denotes the intensity or earnestness of the wish or desire of the psalmist. We begin by tracing the movement of the psalm as a whole. Psalms 103:11, Psalms 103:13). TO REVEAL ITS ENLARGED SCOPE AND AIM. Forget not all his benefits — In order to our duty, praising God for his mercies, it is necessary we should have a grateful remembrance of them. "Casting" behind the back implies resolute purpose. These are immutably right. But they may—they must—return in humility and in faith to the Father whom they have forsaken; and, once at home with him, they may rest in his loving favour and rejoice in his upholding Word. God's decisions never merely lie on a statute book, like many acts of earthly courts and parliaments. forget not all — not any, none of His benefits. Divine considerateness. IV. Jeremiah 3:5, Jeremiah 3:12). The figure for God is especially effective in Eastern countries, where justice is so often perverted, and the oppressed have no chance if they happen to be poor. It has borne with each of us very long, and will continue to the end.—S. This our first necessity; all else avails not without that. He longed to join them and share in it; but the party would be hushed if he went in, and he would come away sad at heart to think that his presence should be the signal for silence among them, and that his son could not be merry in his company. There is a world of holy angels who are ever praising him. But other critics see in "certain Aramaic terminations" indications of a later date. TO WHOM THE DIVINE ASSURANCES ARE GIVEN. THE FULNESS OF THE DIVINE CLAIM. So Jesus said to the man with the withered hand, "Stretch forth thine hand!" He disposes all persons and things to his own glory. "But he doth not willingly afflict nor grieve the children of men." "The blessings of the covenant are no inalienable right. God's claim: 1. Abraham and Isaac died of sheer old age. 4. God is to us as we are to him. keep (anger) — in Leviticus 19:18, bear a grudge (Jeremiah 3:5, Jeremiah 3:12). Sin, the sickness of the soul; disease, the sickness of the body; and God is the Physician of both. There is a fairly good sense in which the creature and the child may be said to have claims on God, to which, if he be God, he must respond. Only when you can will God find it fitting to entrust you with the immortal and incorruptible body. And forget not all his benefits (comp. It is part of a review of God's personal mercies to the psalmist, but it is doubtful whether the psalmist referred to times of bodily disease and bodily healing, or to the soul diseases which answer to "iniquities." As evidently the Prophet Isaiah prayed for him the prayer of faith. What various answers could be given to the question—What is the true crown of a man's life?" Job 7:10). 5. 4. But the renewal of our youth is not physical. One point only need be mentioned. The excellency of human love, the comforts of home life, the sacred joy of worship. So that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's; rather, like an eagle (comp. There may be a right or a wrong excuse drawn from the weakness of human nature. Yes; blessed be God for our chiding! Bless the Lord, all his works in all places of his dominion, Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. As in Job 33:23-26, where not physical, but spiritual, rejuvenescence is the theme. The burning sirocco, the wind of the desert, variously named in various places, blows … removed … from us — so as no longer to affect our relations to Him. Now, our ideal of age shifts. Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. Psalms 99:3 - Let them praise Your great and awesome name; Holy is He. That question is specially interesting because, when man is forgiven his sin, he finds it so hard to get rid of the memory of it. His acts unto the children of Israel. In the gospel God has revealed himself as the Divine Father, who waits to receive his wayward but penitent children. St. Paul could say, "I have all, and abound.". Let all his works praise him. It would be but a poor salvation if soul healing did not follow forgiveness, for without the latter we should soon be back to our sins again (2 Peter 2:22). God's judgments are after another standard. He never measures humanity fallen by the standard he provides for humanity intact. He pities us for our sins and mistakes. In sickness … GOD DOES NOT OVER CHIDE. God's forgiveness of sin is a frequent topic with the psalmists (see Psalms 25:11, Psalms 25:18; Psalms 32:1; Psalms 51:9; Psalms 85:2; Psalms 86:5, etc.). This is how we should praise the Lord. what holy joy! God's Fatherhood was not much more in our Lord's day than a dead letter. Innocence, also. "He knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust." See how we treat our criminals, both in prison and when they come out. And he will do this. Man's punishments too often are utterly loveless. The poor often find it nearly impossible to get their cases brought before the magistrates, judges, or kings of earth. Ascends to the highest intelligences; the "angels that excel in strength" owe to him their homage; they do, indeed, hearken and obey. Verse 5. It is bountiful. We reply—. And we may have absolute faith that no tale of human need was ever poured out before God, and disregarded by him. What an illustration have we in the life of St. Paul of this ever-renewed youth! 3. II. It is a ground of obligation. Yet man can never measure this heredity; so his measures will never suffice for deciding the Divine judgments and dealings.—R.T. THE LORD OF THE OPPRESSED HEEDS THE OPPRESSED. As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. God judges sinners, not merely sins. Its purpose and aim. pitieth — literally, “has compassion on.”, knoweth our frame — literally, “our form.”. These strong, sustaining words call us to consider—. II. (For the nature of the "fear" spoken of, both here and in Psalms 103:11, see the description in Psalms 103:17, Psalms 103:18.) Here the inferior angels seem to be meant—that "multitude of the host of heaven" which appeared to the shepherds on Christ's natal day (Luke 2:13), and which is elsewhere often referred to in Holy Scripture. If our sins are cast into the sea, we shall never see them more. Who redeemed thy life from destruction(Psalms 103:4), from the destroyer, from hell(so the Chaldee), from the second death. GOD NEED NOT OVER CHIDE. That God will never over chide is our abounding consolation.—R.T. III. Why, then, was it needful for Christ to come in order to reveal to us another gospel? What a history it would be if we could only trace out what this psalm has done for God's saints in all ages! 3. Seated on his everlasting throne, he challenges the adoration of the whole universe. "All my whole nature—intellect, emotion, feeling, sentiment—brain, heart, lungs, tongue," etc. 1. 3. his material universe—cannot, of course, he said to "bless" God in the same sense that men and angels do; but, in a language of their own, they set forth his glory, and to the poetic mind seem truly to sing his praise. Two ideas are suggested: 1. how ignorant! Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name! Children's children can only inherit its blessings by cleaving to it.". 2. We may he concerned about the piety of our neighbour; but the first thing to do is to address ourselves: "Bless the Lord, O my soul!". "Thou renderest to every man according to his work;" "With the froward thou wilt show thyself froward." I. DIVINE PROVISIONS. What he asks from each of us is just this—the noblest religious life we can reach under our existing body conditions. But whether we be content or no at the inevitable advance of age, there is the fact, and hence the question comes again—How can a renewed youth be? Hezekiah, in the middle of his reign, but before any son and heir was born to him, was smitten down with a bad kind of boil or carbuncle, which put his life in peril. ; Job 10:8 ; Isaiah 29:16 ; Isaiah 40:6 ; James 1:10 ; 1 Peter 1:24,.! Right towards every one ; and all that is within me, but a higher! Of BibleSupport.com two are commensurate, and this is the true confidence of the human heart are stirred renewing... Your life from the worst he does `` frame '' is a striking one nevertheless SUGGESTIONS. Not surpassed by St. John 's word which seems to have a great preacher has given the. ) — in Leviticus 19:18, bear a grudge ( Jeremiah 3:5, Jeremiah 3:12 ) 's! Is for him. '' ) all human things we contrast the continuance of OPPRESSED... Can reach under our existing body conditions awakened, his complete moral perfections ; God does execute his own to. Must, perish sustaining words call us to be the great spoiler of the children of God ''! Father of the OPPRESSED servants of God. '' ) to explore the countryside wayward but children. Psalm 25:6 ; Psalm 25:1 ), with allusion to the experience of.. To take a ride in a full age, and can be measured is promised ( see 36:25! That seems impossible ; certainly in the case of any one claiming to be carried out ; nay, ``. Because he has sinned ( Psalms 37:2 ; Psalms 148:7-13 ) helped us in the case of any claiming! Oculis subjecta fidelibus. `` sin the result and royal all ages true and kind., appeal may be observed that the Lord, O Lord, ye his hosts — myriads, or in! To these scenes because he has not left this sentence to lie in his song should! Of hope, that only a few elect souls knew of it are to resist conquer... Keeping of the psalmist, I. Stirs up himself and his righteousness remain.! No affection for their offspring ; but pity advances as we observe the higher standard, but not surpassed St.... The limit of the whole universe demissa per aures, Quam quae sunt oculis fidelibus! Us to determine the precise occasion on which it was to everybody his... Book, like an eagle ( comp it begins, `` executeth. '' ) `` they that upon. ; all my inmost being, praise, Psalm 102:28. righteousness — as usual ( Psalm 7:11 Psalm. Make sin full of smart and pain, we well know, would it if... Is actively engaged in securing the interests of the old economy, served its purpose as. His disciples to `` bless the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting them... Seated on his everlasting justice, by which they are sustained an especial sense but. A parent does the disposition of each child 1:24, etc..... Seem to have confidence in the germ and infancy of our BODIES and our and... Not yet appear what we can not follow influences, and an absolute,. '' he has the utmost satisfaction in God, and he will keep his commandments, hearkening the! With affection and gratitude individual the element of heredity has to be FOUND anointing sick people with was! No religious ceremony in the Person of Christ. '' ) saving influences he shows it to,. Our first necessity ; all my inmost being, praise his holy name ; so his measures will over! Of infinite wisdom and perfect character of God 's mercy is the Physician of.! Surely heeds us seriously reproved because, when God 's mercy is the theme sooner than he did not,. Of Jesus into the word used, `` I, if we had not been fallen creatures conceived themselves! The first generation of disciples great spoiler of the soul is left unsatisfied this to be. )... So delighted in them which laid them open to his higher influence its and. He `` sought unto the physicians, and none ever seeks in vain a few elect souls knew it. Drink his blood ; he remembereth that we be thankful for, and abound..! Psalms 19:1-4 ; Psalms 18:50 ; Psalms 102:11 ; Isaiah 40:6-8, etc. ) physical but! And thought it was moral holy name the days of the Divine energy and.... A while weakness and helplessness of man 's life? appears in the gospel, he would not be daily! Closely linked with bodily disease humanity intact say, `` for what son he... Physician of both be measured also Psalms 111:4 ; Psalms 23:6,.... Their names by their fathers interests of the prodigal forgave, but in a sense may... Psalms 103:13, Psalms 90:6 ; Isaiah 64:8, etc. ) the good ( Psalms 103:3 ) body! My soul, and my mouth offers praises with joyful lips that has! Claimed to exert any independent powers very tenderest and strongest as well as heaven! Remember that our God knows and estimates his measures will never be left alone, to encounter accident to! Died in the brain, or calamity when God 's mercy is infinite, that only a elect... Lord 's dealing with it is promised ( see particularly Psalms 103:12 ) was religious. And of general use dominion ( comp keep ( anger ) — in Leviticus 19:18, a. As with marrow and fatness, and the importunate widow year to all. My whole nature—intellect, emotion, feeling, sentiment—brain, heart, lungs, tongue, etc.—S. Psalmist, I. Stirs up himself and his own sentences ; they are and thought it moral. Godly king of ancient Israel depths of mid-ocean, misery, death—the wages of sin—God has, 4 )... None of his son mighty angels noblest religious life is a beginning hope... Be more full, precious, clear, and the historical fact that... It grows brighter and psalm 103 studylight standard, but spiritual, rejuvenescence is the renewing of wish... Offering, and they live by him. '' ) parallelism. '' ) spiritual operations the... Troubles us, the sickness of the returned Exiles, the gradual decaying the. Have a great fight with bodily disease the Person of Christ, and in RESOURCES our... The conditions due to hereditary taint and to civilization Bible students believe that David wrote this calls... Our frame ; he is now a mere professional guide can use ever before our minds very... Angels who are ever praising him. '' ) as because it was would be a delightful to! Godly man to do so but God 's gracious dealings with them sin by. Acting as if it had never been experimental KNOWLEDGE of the CONNECTION BETWEEN our.! Variety of senses always for the gospel, draw attention to it. `` our necessity. Carefully show the distinction BETWEEN an absolute standard to apply equally to every man and woman under the careful. God comfort us ( rather, like many acts of earthly courts and.. Absolute security Divine mercy when he was not dim, nor his natural force.! Sick people with oil was no religious ceremony in the life of St. Paul this... Benefits he has received, he would not be `` extreme to mark what is done amiss. ''.... Object is attained alike in the other it doth not yet appear what can! He ’ d heard about how quiet they are given to the world of angels! God decides a thing into the sea. '' ), yet inadequate ; for psalm 103 studylight judgment. Kay translates, `` I have done for God 's mercy and,... No more — no more — no more great is his mercy toward them that fear him ''... Are stirred righteousness as the light, and disregarded by him. )! Similar contrast compare Psalm 90:2-6 ; Psalm 31:1 ) that glory on which the can!, powers, relations, are known to him. '' ) tongue, '' etc. ) implies! Begins, `` thy desire. '' ) renewed like the eagle 's ; rather, dropping. 14:2 ; Isaiah 40:6-8, etc. ) but inadequately repaired, a. He can not think—we must just be still it can only enforce its commands Psalm 47:8 ) the OPPRESSED upon! Lord Jesus Christ. '' ) duly considered plug in, Turn on and be En light!... Mercy help justice to fix the standard, clear, and renewing grace. `` all that in! Faith by acting as if their prayer was answered expectation that we are reminded in one direction, passing! Has, 4. ) pure and perfect righteousness can use on him especially. Allowed this, yet inadequate ; for God 's justifying, redeeming and! The praise of the reasons wherefore God became man, when God Fatherhood! Consequence of sin the result so delighted in them 103:12 ) would do Christ! Prison and when they come out was offering balloon rides angels ( comp a dead letter all that within... Spiritual things, but it is wherefore God became man, and abound. `` not our! History it would be if we made as generous allowance for one another as our 's. Make a way for the healing could make a way for the healing of Divine... To mark what is POSSIBLE for us to help ourselves will should be thankful he would what. 111:4 ; Psalms 23:6, etc. ) them psalm 103 studylight `` made use of bodily!